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We are a group of experienced professionals and strategic alliance partners. We bring over ten decades of collective experience to our clients. Our team is powered by intellect and driven by thought leadership. We provide reliable and innovative advice for national and international firms and governments.


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We view individual and corporate success in terms of Total Wealth. We define Total Wealth as a delicate combination of Family Wealth, Physical Wealth, Inner Wealth and Financial Wealth. While "Wealth Management" has been marketed as a total solution it still focuses on financial aspects of “wealth”. It does not bring out the “total needs” of an individual and then plan the financial aspects accordingly. With the Total Wealth approach we bring a balanced approach to wealth using our Total Wealth Quadrant. We also tailor wealth management, retirement planning and financial planning training programmes to client needs.



We provide Total Wealth consulting and training as an integral part of our service to clients. Our consultants have had decade of senior management and operational experience and, therefore, they are well equipped to practice what they preach. Some of our consultants are involved in teaching and research at postgraduate business schools and that supports our goal of thought leadership.


People development is the key to the Total Wealth development of a company. We believe in translating thought leadership into the Total Wealth of firms and individuals. Our consultants have a solid consulting and coaching track record to complement their qualifications and experience. We believe through thought leadership we can identify critical needs of organisations to meet challenges of transformational change. People development is an integral part of this.





We provide corporate Total Wealth advice in terms of corporate strategy, people development and web-based solutions. We also advise CEO’s and general managers on individual basis. Management of the total wealth of companies and individuals is important to us. As such we have developed and trade marked models that assist business leaders to re-evaluate and re-invent wealth in terms of their specific requirements.


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"Strategic Financial Analysis and Business Valuation with Excel”

The objective of this one-day program and workshop is to introduce the strengths and weaknesses of financial modelling with Microsoft Excel in strategic financial analysis and business valuation. The program enables you to understand and interpret the relevant financial data effectively to make key capital budgeting and investment decisions.

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January 2014

“International Financial Management”

This program will introduce the international aspects of financial management and discuss the challenges of globalisation. Financial risk management strategies will be discussed with examples.

March 2014

“Lifecycle Investment Strategies for Financial Advisors”

This is a revised program offered since July 2011 for Financial Advisors. Using Total Wealth Quadrant (TWQ) wealth management strategies for lifecycle stages will be discussed.

May 2014


"Strategic Financial Analysis and Business Valuation with Excel"

An interactive seminar and workshop on strengths and weaknesses of financial modelling.


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